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We decided to work with BS & Co because it was clear they understand our brand identity and mission at a core level.

Within the first two months we saw revenue triple - a huge increase.I would recommend them as a hard working, attentive, reactive, and thoughtful extension of your team.
Three Spirit, Co-Founder
Before working with BS&Co, our small team was struggling to be consistent across our email campaigns and had trouble with design when we did.

They have been great at moving us forward and have elevated our brand’s look and feel across this channel… Just in the last few months, we’ve been able to triple the amount of emails sent out per month than we were able to handle on our own (with even cleaner branding).

They’ve given me time back in my day to focus on other aspects of digital, since they are the experts in this channel.

I would recommend working with BS&Co as we can put our trust in them to come up with concepts that align with our brand goals, as they pretty much have become an extension of our own team.
Alpha Foods, Digital Marketing Manager
Great team, great design, highly recommend!
Frank & Amand
Lola Design, Co-Founders
Working with BS & Co was an awesome experience - they  were always available and ready to make adjustments for us whenever we needed  & worked very closely with us.

Writing & designing emails was always a bit last minute, we just didn’t have the time or bandwith to give it what it deserved.

It’s also an expertise that is not something you can learn overnight.
Three Spirit, Co-Founder
This is the most beautiful email I've ever seen!
Head of eCom, Heiress Beverly Hills
Working with BS & Co was a great experience.

I wanted their help on a yearly launch we do - but didn’t want to have to do everything myself & try to figure it all out.

Having their help was invaluable. Not only were they able to help with the execution, it gave me the time to actually focus on other aspects. They were attentive to my needs, helpful & most importantly, they followed through with what they said they were going to do.

With their help, the launch was a huge success… Plus, they were able to elevate the look & feel branding wise…

I would strongly recommend working with them.
Drink Eezy, Founder & CEO