Doubling the Revenue Per Recipient in 4 weeks

Learn how we doubled revenue per recipient for Three Spirits in just 4 weeks.
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£0.23 to £0.46 - 2X
Increase In Revenue Per Recipient
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About the brand

Three Spirit Drinks is a pioneering brand in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, creating plant-based elixirs designed to enhance mood and social experiences. Crafted with natural ingredients, their innovative drinks offer a unique alternative to traditional spirits, promoting a healthier and more mindful approach to socializing.

The Challenge

Three Spirit was looking for a partner to function as an extension of the team - to own campaigns, flows, forms, and more across 3 unique regions.
Working with BS & Co was an awesome experience - they were always available and ready to make adjustments for us whenever we needed & worked very closely with us. I would recommend them as a hard working, attentive, reactive, and thoughtful extension of your team.
Three Spirits, Co-Founder

Our Work

We started from the ground up by revamping their email designs and leveraging their imagery with direct messaging and clear call to actions.

We also began to leverage specific audiences to send to based on actions they had taken in the past, i.e. highlighting reviews of products subscribers had viewed or added to cart but not purchased in 30 days. This allowed us to increase campaigns sent and revenue per recipient.

Although flows are on a delayed attribution as it takes more time for subscribers to go through the automation journey, flow revenue increased by 1.7X in the first 30 days of launch, and 2X in the coming 30 days to account for 16% of online store revenue.

Our  Work



Three Spirits, Co-Founder
BS & Co were rockstars. As a lean, early stage business, one of our biggest challenges was creating a consistent experience for our customers across platforms and it showed in the amount of revenue coming from email. Writing & designing emails was always a bit last minute, we just didn’t have the time or bandwith to give it what it deserved. It’s also an expertise that is not something you can learn overnight. We decided to work with BS & Co because it was clear they understand our brand identity and mission at a core level. Within the first two months, we saw revenue triple - a huge increase. Shortly after we decided to expand the scope to the EU and our new US stores where we saw the same results.

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