From struggling to produce consistent emails to averaging 55% of revenue for 2023. 

We took Stantt, a mens clothing brand, from struggling to consistently utilize email to having it be their single highest channel for revenue.
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Revenue generated from email for all of 2023.
Channel for revenue growth.
Increase in open rates, 72% increase in click rates, and 62% increase in placed order rates.

About the brand

Stantt is a mens clothing brand that uses a unique system to create custom fitted clothing - mainly pants & shirts. They focus mainly on the business casual market & have their own showroom in NYC.

The Challenge

While they had a strong online presence, they weren’t where they wanted to be. The bulk of their business is through retailers. With this in mind, they had a small team and lacked the time to devote to marketing. They needed someone who could come in, identify the opportunities, and execute on them.
"As a small business, we did not have the necessary time to devote to our marketing efforts. There were clear opportunity areas such as finding designers with a more creative vision, and new marketing concepts. BS&Co. Illustrated a strong understanding of our brand and growth potential, as well as strategy to get there, which began our partnership."
Evmorfia Hamakiotes
Digital Merchandising & Planning Lead, Stantt

Our Work


When we started working with Stantt, they were sporadically sending campaigns. They were generating revenue but they lacked the team to execute on them consistently & were letting them fall behind.

Within 2 months of working together, campaign revenue had increased dramatically (a 73% YoY increase) and deliveries had doubled MoM; meaning we were successfully sending more emails to more subscribers & driving more revenue. With our help, we were able to produce consistent content for Stantt, alleviating their biggest bottleneck. This was reflected in our metrics with a: 83% increase in open rates, 72% increase in click rates, and 62% increase in placed order rates for campaigns.


As with most brands, flows had lagged behind for Stantt. Most hadn’t been updated in years & they were missing crucial automations for both revenue & customer engagement. Over our time with them, we’ve redone existing flows & launched 7 new flows.

These efforts have led to a marked increase in deliveries (communication with customers) and total revenue driven.

Our  Work



Evmorfia Hamakiotes
Digital Merchandising & Planning Lead, Stantt
"All around, BS&Co. is a great team to work with that studies your brand and brings new ideas to the table to increase marketing revenue, specific to your target customer. We are incredibly happy with the output, and grateful for this kind, transparent, data-driven, attentive, and hardworking team!"

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