Turning Email Into a Top DTC Revenue Channel

How we took Pop & Bottle from struggling to produce consistent emails or revenue to turning it into a top DTC revenue channel in the span of 3 months.
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To 43% average owned revenue.
Increase in campaigns sent. From 2 to 8 campaigns on a monthly basis.
New flows launched.

About the brand

Pop & Bottle is a “new way to latte”. Providing functional & delicious lattes & cold brew concentrates for mini-moments of indulgence. They sell online & through their retail & distributor networks.

The Challenge

Being a smaller CPG team, they struggled to consistently stay on top of emails & produce the content they needed to make the channel perform. They knew more could be done both from a revenue perspective but also from a communication perspective. With a large retail presence, it was important to not only drive revenue through the DTC channel but also maintain consistent communication about the happenings of the brand.
I came across BS & Co on LinkedIn, saw they were a relatively new agency, and thought we’d give them a try. As a small self-made business ourselves, we like to support other new entrepreneurs as often as we can. Turns out I’ve been just as satisfied with them as I have with bigger, large-scale agencies, but with the benefits and personal attention you get from working with a small team.
Amelia Winslow
VP Marketing, Pop & Bottle

Our Work


Our first goal was to develop new branding, layouts, and match the updated look & feel of Pop & Bottle. They had changed significantly but hadn’t had the bandwidth or internal capabilities to update how the emails were being done. After developing new concepts that more closely matched how the brand had evolved, we went to work creating consistency.

Pop & Bottle had struggled to create consistent content & communication with customers. Our goal was to produce 6-8 emails monthly – a big jump from their previous 1-3 monthly. Combined, this led to a huge increase in deliveries (about 590% in the first month) & a massive jump in revenue being generated as a portion of email (67% increase YoY in month 1, and 116% by month 4).


When we first started working with Pop & Bottle, they had a few functioning, basic flows. After our audit, we identified how these could be improved along with identifying four high priority flows we wanted to launch.

Our goal was to implement changes to the current flows to fix issues, expand the flows, and give them a “facelift” to match what we’d done in campaigns. From there, we launched new flows on a monthly basis. This led to a 40% increase in deliveries our first month and a 50% increase in revenue.

The Results

By the end of our working relationship, we had completely turned the email program of Pop & Bottle around. From struggling to produce consistent content, lagging behind as both a revenue channel & a communication channel, email had been transformed into one of the most productive channels for their team. There was a strong foundation to continue scaling the brand & email was often times driving the rest of the marketing calendar.

Our  Work



Amelia Winslow
VP Marketing, Pop & Bottle
"Before working with BS & Co, we didn’t have the internal bandwidth or skillset to prioritize email like we knew we should. We had very little email-driven DTC revenue, mediocre design + copy, and only sent emails sporadically. Since bringing on BS & Co, our emails are light years better, and now one of our biggest drivers of DTC revenue.”

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