29% YoY Decrease to 31% YoY Increase

Learn how we took Olympia Provisions from 29% YoY decrease to an 31% YoY increase.
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Increase in Click Through rate
Increase in Open Rates
Increase in Form Conversion Rate

About the brand

Olympia Provisions is a renowned charcuterie and meat producer based in Portland, Oregon. They are celebrated for their artisanal approach, crafting high-quality cured meats and salamis using traditional European methods. With a focus on sustainability and exceptional flavors, Olympia Provisions has become a favorite among food enthusiasts and chefs nationwide.

The Challenge

After months of declining results both on email and on Shopify, Olympia Provisions knew it was time for a change. They were looking for someone dedicated and committed to growing email and sms revenue and improving results across collected reviews and forms. Over the first few weeks of working together email/sms and overall Shopify revenue turned around from a 29% YoY decline into a +31% increase.

Our  Work


  • Struggling to send consistent campaigns.
  • Outdated flows that were broken & didn’t match.
  • Didn’t have a dedicated person to help & oversee it.
  • Email was lagging, only generating 10-15% of revenue.
  • Ecommerce as a channelwas lagging & declining YoY.


  • Sending 8-14 emails on a monthly basis.
  • Flows are updated, continually launching, & optimizing new& current.
  • Email is no longer a stress point.
  • Email & sms are driving about 50%of revenue on a consistent basis &is their biggest single revenue driver.
  • Ecommerce has turned around& is now growing YoY.

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