Revamping Flows & Increasing Deliveries by 250% YoY

How we revamped flows to drive 2X more revenue in the first month, increase deliveries by 250% YoY and helped produce more consistent campaigns.
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YoY increase in flow deliveries
Increase in the percentage of revenue from flows in the first 30 days
Overall increase in email revenue YoY after 4 months working together

About the brand

Kosterina is a Mediterranean-inspired brand that champions health and happiness through its range of premium olive oils, skincare products, and gourmet offerings. Founded on the belief in the power of authentic ingredients, Kosterina aims to enhance lifestyles with natural, high-quality goods sourced from Greece.

The Challenge

Being a small team, Katie & Katerina were overwhelmed with how much needed to be done. They were doing a good job with campaigns but weren’t as consistent as they wanted to be. Additionally, they were struggling to update old flows & launch new ones. They needed a team who could alleviate some of the burden on them when it came to writing, design & who could take a strategic look at their flows to drive meaningful differences.

Our Work


By introducing new content forms - namely things like reviews, UGC, and figuring out what customers were looking for, we were able to produce content that immediately began driving more revenue. In the first month of working together, we saw a 56% increase in YoY revenue.

Additionally, we were able to produce consistent content where the team had previously struggled to get out emails on the cadence they wanted to. Due to this, month 1 we increased deliveries by 159% - with our final month together showing a YoY increase of 252%.

This meant that we were sending more emails, more consistently, with content subscribers wanted to engage with & that they resonated with.


When we first started working together, we saw flows as an opportunity to improve. Many of the emails no longer felt on brand to the Kosterina team. We were able to strategically re-do the emails that needed the most help while leaving what was already working in place.

Segments, Pop-Ups, Etc.

Another huge part of our success working with Kosterina was revamping the segmentation they were using. The previous segments they’d been using were too limited, leaving a lot of opportunity on the table.

By taking an approach that focused on expanding the subscribers we were talking to while also picking who we were talking to, we were able to increase open rates by 80% month one, unique opens by 366%, and unique clicks by 34%. This meant we were sending thousands more people to the website and had more people engaging with the brand – while increasing the rates at which they were doing it.

The results

Through our time working together, we were able to develop a system to consistently create campaigns that leveraged the assets Kosterina already had at their disposal. We were able to increase revenue from campaigns while getting it off the teams plate, massively expand our audience that we were able to communicate while still being strategic, and update flows to match updated branding.

This left Kosterina in a completely different place than they had previously been and allowed their team to seamlessly take back over as they re-transitioned email in-house.

Our  Work



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