Email marketing Increased from 18% of Monthly Revenue to 30%

Learn how we took Hush Blankets from 18% Klaviyo revenue to over 30%.
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18% to 30%
Incrase in Owned Revenue
Incrase in Pop Up Conversion Rate
Increase in Flow Revenue in 30 days

About the brand

Hush Blankets is all about helping you get the best sleep ever. Their weighted blankets and sleep accessories are super comfy and designed to ease stress and improve your rest. Perfect for anyone who wants to snuggle up and catch some serious z's, Hush makes bedtime something to look forward to.

The Challenge

Hush was looking for an email partner to come in and help organize, re-structure and refresh their Klaviyo account. This holistic approach led to an increase of 66% of revenue in the first 30 days of working together compared to the last 12 month average. We started by re-designing and starting to run tests against the existing designs, copy, and angles for flows, campaigns, and pop ups.

Our Work


Starting with what they already had, we began to run tests against what was performing best;  GIFs, plain text, and minimalistic designs, educational content vs sales. From there, we cut out what wasn't working.

We were able to send more campaigns as there was a much better blend of content, styles, and curating a better customer experience.

We segmented the list based on sleep preferences to deliver specific products to those interested.

Open rates, click through rates, and ultimately placed order rates increased in tandem with increased segmentation.

As a result, within the first 30 days, campaign revenue increased by over 25%.


We built out specific content based on products that were being viewed/abandoned; breaking down the product category. This let us deliver the most relevant content to those that were on the fence. Think: mattress abandoned checkout flow that compares, contrasts, and highlights the differences between two mattresses vs a general flow for all products.

This created a more personalized customer experience form the start and led to natural segmentation along the way.

After tests launched, flow revenue increased by 26% in the first 30 days of launch, and 35% in the coming 30 days to account for 19% of online store revenue.

By building stronger relationships through flows, we helped Hush create more engaged and profitable subscribers - and flows laid the foundation for these results.


In addition to increasing the campaign and flow revenue, we needed to increase the conversion rate, and segment people further based on which products they were viewing.

Creating custom offers and accompanying welcome flows for each product category (again, think an offer for mattresses + welcome flow for mattresses) allowed us to convert at a higher rate and aid in increasing the segmentation naturally.

Currently, pop-ups converting at 4 - 5X the industry average with the welcome series bringing in 2 - 3X the industry average for revenue per recipient.

Our  Work



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